The essential Relgious, Christian truths

 Personal depression is also related to having a God shaped vacuum in our own life, and from deviating from God, his words in the Bible, God’s will and plan for our life too.
– God is the center of the Universe, and not any man, mankind. Man’s sin includes falsely still doing his own thing, following after mere men instead of God.
– The Bible is the word of God, is God’s complete truth, it is all inspired, written by God himself, and it is still teaches us filly God’s truths that we must know, follow, practice today as well.
– Jesus is God and he undeniably loves each one of us that he died for our sins so we can accept his forgiveness and be with him in Heaven. Everyone can be solely saved by Jesus Christ alone, Jews included, and there is no other way a person can be saved from hell.
– The Holy Spirit is  a person, the sprit of Jesus Christ, and whether some admit it or not, like it or not his gifts are all in operation today including the gift of prophecy, speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, healing, deliverance as well. The Holy sprit is given to us to help each one of us personal walk in reality the Christian life.
– God does and can speak to us also outside of the Bible as well, he through His son Jesus, the Holy Spirit leads and guides us personally too, and we all can and must learn how to listen to, hear  his voice.
– Prayer is an essential ongoing aspect of God’s will for each one of us, we must give God permission to act here on earth and in our life, and we all must personally seek, follow, get to now  know his ongoing  will for each one us as well.
– A daily quite time, Biblical devotions and prayer is a must for every person.
– We have a responsibility to share the good news with others, and  to look after our own family, as well as to help the poor and needy persons as well.
– There’s only one place we all can be saved, and that is  here on earth for  after death  it is too late for everyone to be saved.
– All sin is still an affront against God and each sin must be daily, continually admitted, repented, turned from  as well, including cheating, lying, stealing, adultery, fornication, alcoholism, drunkenness, divorce, abusing ourselves and others too.
– God is not mocked, in spite of His grace of forgiveness, next what a person continues to willfully, deliberately sow, do wrong as well, they next will also reap here on earth and elsewhere.
– Jesus Christ alone is Still the head of the Church and not any man, pastor, elder, priests, apostle, prophet.
The WRONGFULLY STILL Unrepentant  bully’s problem is that he or she is one of those bad persons  who only feels truly alive when voicing hostility and contempt for his “enemies.” Without that, he or she starts gasping for air. It’s his nature.. self-destructive” ..  clearly these immoral  Bully, Basher of others, Abusers of others has a disappointed, deflated ego, negative self worth,  most likely related to past unresolved guilt, as a result  of  that   the bully, he or she, tries falsely to   build  their ego up by bashing, hating others, by being an antagonists against  his proclaimed enemies, which too often also  is most people , for  he or she no longer trust anyone, and Abusers this is a common very typical approach, fact in the character build up of Bullies, Bashers, but their approach is futile, the subsequent feeling of self worth dissipates too quickly, are actually replaced by guilt,  and his ego, self worth likely needs to be recharged with new hate.. and is replaced with more and larger hatred of the others.  I have seen this type of wrong behavior not just in bad managers, bad politicians, bad persons, but  in alcoholics, and most often in Albertan rednecks ,but also  in religious   fundamentals evangelicals who promote hated towards Pentecostal Christians as well, and  now as well as the crooked pastor wrongfully  fighting for control over others. Public exposure and prosecution of these bad persons here too services everyone’s best interest.

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Who benefits from Electrically Assisted Pedal Bikes?

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Get out and enjoy life! Be active outside, and enjoy nature!

Take the time to read all of  the pages here, it will help you or someone else. Life requires our personal positive continual adaptation to the ongoing, changing events that surround our life.
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Anti suicide watch

Depression is a serious problem it affects them and those around them negatively. It often produces personal negative acts  and most persons initially do not see that they are depressed.


Depression is a to common sickness? Treatable? Depends on what approach you are taking. Those who are depressed are more likely to exhibit risky behavior with drugs and alcohol, as well as being more likely to attempt suicide. In fact, are more associated with a shorter lifespan than the smokers.


The standard course of treatment for depression is questionable medication. Often it takes a combination of two or more different medications to mask, control the symptoms, and it is a trial and error approach to find the right combination for each patient. Over one-third of patients don’t get lasting relief from the standard therapies. When medicine has been tried and doesn’t work then generally nothing can help cause doctors are not really dealing with the basic causes of the depression. Depressed people will thus face a hard life.


To Help with many person’s medical symptoms of their diseases, depressions too we still do often we may still have to deal with the root causes of the sicknesses too.. including the hypertension, stresses, anxieties, and our past wrong values, ignorance, wrong doings too.


No matter what the symptoms are the cause of heart attacks AND CANCER are the main reasons  are still mostly the  bad food you eat, including too much sugar and fats, or falsely skipping meals, or not sleeping 8 hours of Qualitative sleep, not getting enough exercise, 20  minutes every 3 days, and not handling negative personal stress effectively will affect your health but a serious issue is the  failure to get a proper medical tests. such as an echogram.. The same major bad thing that causes the major sicknesses of  heart disease cause Cancer, Arthritis and diabetes too often.. Most persons now would live much longer  on the average, if they could collectively overcome five unhealthy habits: smoking, excess alcohol consumption, poor diet, sedentary behaviour and stressing out. Doing nothing about it now next will not help you  We all sooner or later develop some form of major sickness that has to be dealt with.. .  Doing nothing about it now next will not help you


Studies indicate that about 200,000 Americans suffer a heart attack each year without even initially realizing it. These unrecognized heart attacks account for about one-fourth of all fatal heart attacks,  making this a serious public health issue. Just don’t expect the stereotypical “Hollywood” heart attack, where you see an actor clutching at the left side of his chest in severe pain. This is actually less common.

But one real aspect of likely an impending heart attack  is the inability to bend down without pain, or a severe pain when breathing, not breathing easily or even a continual stomached pain etc… but heart conditions still do start of with showing up on your blood pressure.. .




Being overweight doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy..   The same major bad thing that causes heart disease cause Cancer, Arthritis and diabetes too often.. By the way being skinny insures no heart attack is a lie, a myth as studies show that skinny persons die more over fat people still


If Obesity Is a Disease, Why Are So Many Obese People Healthy? Several studies have shown that physically fit “obese” individuals have lower incidence of heart disease and mortality from all causes than do sedentary people of “normal” weight.  If the  goal is to address the serious diseases of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, it would be more productive and accurate  to urge doctors to focus on cardiometabolic risk, recognizing that there are both metabolically healthy and metabolically unhealthy individuals in all categories of weight. Rather than promote weight loss per se, doctors should instead encourage their patients of all sizes to incorporate physical activity and a balanced diet into their lives.

We all sooner or later develop some form of major sickness that has to be dealt with.. Human beings vary in personality and thus they also do even vary in their sickness treatment approach..  Some deny their sickness, some seek doctors, others seek alternatives, or the good or bad advices of their friends, associate.. clearly not all approaches are successfully..

The risk of developing breast cancer from drinking even small amounts of alcohol >is being ignored by women with thousands now needlessly dying every year. Less than two drinks a day can increase the risk of developing cancer, doctors have warned, after finding that even moderate consumption was linked to almost a third of alcohol-related cancers.


For a start it is always essential that we all do  eat adequately, regularly, properly, that we all do get plenty of exercise, drink plenty of water, and that we all do  get enough sleep, sadly many people lie to themselves they do not have to have get enough sleep..


Regular medical check ups by a good doctor is a must.. Merely trying to take drugs of the Pharmacy shelf is not a valid approach too.


Many of us face the common illness such as Colds, Flues,  Heartburn,  allergies, Asthma.

Now it is known that the primary cause of Asthma even in children is related to  drinking milk, and consuming milk products.. check it out on the internet….

Now  studies have also now shown that besides our basic essentials there also a clear  association between emotional stress and exacerbation of certain  illnesses, even  allergies, or the asthma in persons with asthma. This is particularly true also with children who have unstable asthma and with asthmatics who live in stressful circumstances. In the clinic, allergists have noted that the objective measurements of airway function and asthma symptoms are affected by stress. Not only can emotional stress trigger and asthma attack, but the reverse is also true. Asthma is a chronic disease which causes stress in a person’s life at home, school, and work. There is also a correlation between stress and prevalence of asthma. So one has to deal with both the stress and the illness here too


Learning to deal with any of our  negative, unbeneficial stress is important. Not all of the stress that you face is beneficial. This first requires to honestly, accurately recognize the cause of your stress but also  how next best to deal with it… and it could ne a false worrisome attitude or a troubling person.   An honest Admission of the cause is always the best start. Many persons also do have false, harmful values that do them no good, whereas may others tend to falsely go overboard with the need, pursuance of even good things I was in a doctor’s office recently reading a dozen of the latest medical journals and I was shocked to discover that the majority of doctors were still unable to deal positively with sickness associated with negative personal stress.


Let’s first be fair to ourselves and others and note that no one thing specifically even now causes all the cancers, diabetic sick persons, or the heart problems in the world, rather it tends to be  a combination of several different factors starting with our personal ignorance, and the false neglect of the our Bodies.


To Help with many person’s medical symptoms of their diseases, depressions too we still do  often we may still  have to deal with the root causes of the sicknesses too.. including the hypertensions,  stresses, anxieties, and our past wrong values, ignorance,  wrong doings too.
Hypertension is another  main, leading personal cause of heart attacks, strokes and other major medical problems. For most North Americans even if you don’t have high blood pressure now, you need to make a serious lifestyle, food  adjustments now to avoid personal health problems, especially Cancer and Heart diseases next in one’s future. A person is considered hypertensive with a blood-pressure reading of 140/90 millimetres of mercury (mmHg) or higher. Healthy adults should have a blood pressure in the range of 120/80 mmHg, although that target varies with age and other health conditions. There are many DIFFERENT factors that contribute to high blood pressure, including first the type of one’s food consumption, too much read meat, not enough fruit and vegetables,  being overweight, a lack of physical activity, excessive sodium consumption and aging. Hypertension, while it has few obvious symptoms, is a leading risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. God is a God of love and he really does not want us to suffer needlessly so he is willing to help us if we meet his conditions as defined also  in the Bible. (1 Cor 10:21 KJV)  Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.
Sadly too many persons do continue to have heart problems even cause they do not want to admit the dangerous side effect of Salt in their food consumption, salt which cause increased water retention and adds to the heart pumping difficulties. Red pepper is often used these days as a substitute for salt. Too much Salt cause other damage now as well.
“Medical researchers at the University of Alberta may have solved why people who eat high-salt diets are prone to developing medical problems such as kidney stones and osteoporosis, the puzzle that has remained unknown to scientific community until now. Principal investigator Todd Alexander and his team recently discovered an important link between sodium and calcium thorough their work with animal lab models and cells. These both appear to be regulated by the same molecule in the body. When sodium intake becomes too high, the body gets rid of sodium via the urine, taking calcium with it, which depletes calcium stores in the body. High levels of calcium in the urine lead to the development of kidney stones, while inadequate levels of calcium in the body lead to thin bones and osteoporosis. “When the body tries to get rid of sodium via the urine, our findings suggest the body also gets rid of calcium at the same time,” said Alexander, a Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry researcher. “This is significant because we are eating more and more sodium in our diets, which means our bodies are getting rid of more and more calcium. Our findings reinforce why it is important to have a low-sodium diet and why it is important to have lower sodium levels in processed foods,” he noted. It’s been known for a long time that this important molecule was responsible for sodium absorption in the body, but the discovery that it also plays a role in regulating calcium levels is new. “We asked a simple question with our research – could sodium and calcium absorption be linked? And we discovered they are,” said Alexander.” 
Majority of patients still lie to themselves when they do now falsely think they will not reap what they have personally sowed and thus they are committing personal suicide as a result. Lack of sleep is still a killer.. so is not eating properly.. so is unresolved stress…
A need for the Serious Anti suicide watch..
1: Not personally getting enough qualitative sleep.. it is not just how much sleep you get, minimum 8 hours, but how well you sleep that also counts. Valid Experts recommend that adults get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night to maintain good health and optimum performance.

2: Not personally now getting proper food intake can also lead to severe depression and very poor health next, severe health problems.. skipping out on meals often is bad..

3: Activity rut.. many people who have now set into  a none changing activities, environments, a habitual routine, are  next prone to be seriously depressed and they do not even know why?  Taking a new,  totally different activity, or making a personal life schedule change is often the same as a beneficial vacation for some persons.. even many professionals, college professors..
4: Many college students show clear classical sign of depression after being in school for a long period of time, working hard. 
5: Many people get depressed when they get older, and lose a lot of friends, and have no one to talk to , and now  just listening to them for a few minutes a day will really help them too
6: Many people get depressed because they are being falsely enslaved, oppressed, bullied by the bad persons.  Or they have too often listened to the bad advice  of others.
7: Poverty or even the opposite of having too much wealth can lead to thoughts of suicide, because of one’s inability to deal with the present circumstances effectively. Often brought on by too much self reliance.
 8: Persons who are overly lazy, unrealistic, have or follow a wrong value system, ill advised goals, continue to  do bad things,they will next be easily depressed too. Ironically they will next often  blame others for their depressions, bash others for it too. 
I have often helped many a poor, depressed person, not by any medications, but by  simply by changing their daily normal activity routine, and next by taking them for a drive into the country, or taking them to see a good film, a comedy, or Giving them some good movies to watch, or by me taking them to a fine food restaurant, or by me taking them for a long  walk through unfamiliar surroundings.. and it worked.. it actually next had broke them out of their long term depression.
Can’t change positively   the person? try first changing their surroundings, environment temporarily?
Most depressed persons,  about 75 percent,  can be helped with out more serious medical consultations it seem.
 Do now also read the many other helpful posts, links here as well..

Did you yourself now know the major cause of depressions and suicides., despair include.. you might be depressed seriously and not even know it too… 

  Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life. But when sadness takes hold and won’t go away, it may be depression. More than just the temporary “blues,” the lows of depression make it tough to function and enjoy life like you once did. A person with severe depression has little or no interest in work or hobbies, and may even have trouble getting out of bed.  With treatment and help, you can feel better. Learning how to understand depression – including its signs, symptoms, and causes – is the first step towards next honestly,  realistically recognizing and overcoming the root main problem, causes and not just trying suppress or to deal with the symptoms..

 Why Do People Get Depressed? Understanding Depression

I am too busy to have time to have a depression or to deal with my depression is not a realistic  approach as well.

There’s a vast difference between “feeling depressed” and suffering from clinical depression. The despondency of clinical depression is unrelenting and overwhelming. Some people describe it as “living in a black hole” or having a feeling of impending doom. They can’t escape their unhappiness and despair. However, some people with depression don’t feel sad at all. Instead, they feel lifeless and empty. In this apathetic state, they are unable to experience pleasure. Even when participating in activities they used to enjoy, they feel as if they’re just going through the motions. The signs and symptoms vary from person to person, and they may wax and wane in severity over time. Doing nothing about it generally makes it worse next.

While DEPRESSION is one of the most common mental illnesses even caused often mostly by external factors,  it  often can easily be cured, dealt with if not neglected, and it is rarely fatal thus. 

RESULTING PERSONAL DEPRESSION ITSELF IS basically CAUSED by biochemical imbalances in the brain involving the hormone cortisol and the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. The tendency toward this chemical imbalance can be inherited, causing depression to run in families. A deep emotional loss may also trigger biochemical changes that cause depression. Or the brain chemistry can change for no apparent reason.

Other diseases, including thyroid conditions, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal imbalances, multiple sclerosis and some forms of cancer, can cause depression. Usually, treating the underlying diseases relieves the depression?

People suffering from chronic illnesses such as arthritis or heart disease may develop depression. For them, treating the depression often makes it easier to cope with the other chronic illness?

While virtually anyone can develop depression, the people most likely to do so include—

  • Relatives of depressed people, who are about twice as likely as average to become seriously depressed themselves
  • Women, who suffer depression about twice as often as men
  • The baby boom seniors,  generation, currently considered at greatest risk of all age groups
  • The elderly, often as a reaction to physical deterioration and the loss of friends, families and rewarding activities
  • Children who have suffered abuse or losses or who have a seriously depressed parent
  • Chronically ill people
  • Drug and alcohol abusers

TREATMENTS FOR DEPRESSION typically have high success rates, especially when recognized, admitted, PROPERLY DIAGNOSED.  While only a third of people suffering from depression seek treatment, about 85 percent of those who receive adequate treatment have good results. It is ironic many people who too often mainly see others as  being the sole cause of their own problems fail to see their own effective, proper solutions to it. We need not to lose a proper self perspective, solution now as well.

Depression is a major risk factor for suicide. There is a slow suicide approach as well, even brought on by ongoing  problems, self pity, guilt, persecutions, oppressions Recognition of the problem can immediately  lead to 90 percent of the solution.    


Britain has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe. Each year in the UK over 5000 people take their life. The Samaritans estimate that in the UK there is a suicide every 82 minutes. The charity Depression Alliance estimates that each year there are around 19,000 suicide attempts by UK adolescents whilst more than 2 million children attend GP’s surgeries with some kind of psychological or emotional problem.Each day, two people under the age of 24 commit suicide. 


People kill themselves for a variety of reasons. Sometimes drugs and alcohol are a factor, as are social factors, poverty, deprivation, mental illness,  or  “psychiatric injury”. The difference is important because injury has an external cause – in other words, something – or someone – is liable. The differences between mental illness and psychiatric injury are often not recognized; understanding the differences could alter the verdict, perhaps from suicide to manslaughter. To see the differences between mental illness and psychiatric injury.  Psychiatric injury- Bullying, harassment and abuse cause injury to health, which is often diagnosed as stress and anxiety but may also include severe depression.


We also all do need to learn to deal effectively and not by an ostrich approach with unresolved stress, life’s problems, Bullies and much more..


There is no single cause for depression. Many factors play a role including genetics, environment, life events, medical conditions, and the way people react to things that happen in their lives.

How Is Depression Different From Regular Sadness?

Everyone has some ups and downs, and sadness is a natural emotion. The normal stresses of life can lead anyone to feel sad every once in a while. Things like an argument with a friend, a breakup, doing poorly on a test, not being chosen for a team, or a best friend moving out of town can lead to feelings of sadness, hurt, disappointment, or grief. These reactions are usually brief and go away with a little time and care.

Take the time to read all of  the pages here, it will help you or someone else. Life requires our personal positive continual adaptation to the ongoing, changing events that surround our life.


Now read more here on this site  as well.. it will help you..


Cancer: By 2010, cancer will be the leading killer in the world, surpassing heart disease, causing more deaths than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Cancer rates are growing in developing countries as people adopt western lifestyles, including smoking, high-fat diets, fast food and less physical activity.

Selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C won’t prevent men from getting prostate cancer. In findings that were released early because of the public health implications, the results of two large randomized, controlled clinical trials showed the supplements failed to provide a cancer-prevention benefit. Journal of the American Medical Association.

More Home remedies for over Gastro-Intestinal diseases and disorders. Saliva Problems

• Without proper saliva, you cannot absorb your food properly, for food digestion begins in the mouth. Always chew carbohydrate (“starchy”) foods especially well. This includes such things as bread and all grain products, potatoes, etc. If you do not digest your food properly you can get acid reflux too.. get a heart tack and/or cancer

• If you have a dry mouth, take a little lemon juice or honey before the meal to stimulate the flow of saliva.

Vitamin A If you are not obtaining enough vitamin A, your saliva flow may be inadequate.

Vitamin A is an important nutrient. It is especially helpful in the bodies of infants and toddlers for fighting off the effects of viral infection. It helps maintain the immune system in both children and adults. It plays a critical role in the creation of thyroid hormones and is absolutely necessary for creating the pigments that allow you to see at night. You have to get your vitamin A to have healthy skin. Preserve and improve your eyesight with Vitamin A

If you get your vitamin A from food rather than supplements, what are the foods you need. Here’s the rather short list:

Food Serving Vitamin A, measured as retinol equivalents Vitamin A, IU Retinol, measured in micrograms Retinol, measured in IU
Cod liver oil 1 teaspoon 1,350 mcg 4,500 IU 1,350 mcg 4,500 IU
Egg 1 large 91 mcg 303 IU 89 mcg 296 IU
Butter 1 tablespoon 97 mcg 323 IU 95 mcg 317 IU
Whole milk 1 cup (8 fl ounces) 68 mcg 227 IU 68 mcg 227 IU

(Source: The Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University, 2005.)

To this list, you could add skim milk, usually packaged with the artificial analog of the best natural vitamin A.

Note too many people develop allergic reaction to milk, as they get older, so cheese, milk products for them are unacceptable..

There’s also vitamin A in many breakfast cereals, and, were you inclined to use it as health food, caviar. Any natural food that’s rich in vitamin A is high in fat and cholesterol.

Although vitamin A is found only in foods of animal origin, some fruits and vegetables contain compounds, called cartenoids, that can be converted into vitamin A by your body. 

It is important for you to regularly eat foods that provide high vitamin A or beta-carotene even though it is stored in the liver. Stored vitamin A will help meet needs when intake of provitamin A carotenoids or preformed vitamin A is low.

Vitamin A Foods from Animal Sources
Animal Sources provide the best absorbed form of this vitamin.
Foods IU /
International Units
%DV *
Liver, beef, cooked, 3 oz 30,325 610
Liver, chicken, cooked, 3 oz 13,920 280
Egg substitute, fortified, 1/4 cup 1355 25
Fat free milk, fortified with vitamin A, 1 cup 500 10
Cheese pizza, 1/8 of a 12″ diameter pie 380 8
Milk, whole, 3.25% fat, 1 cup 305 6
Cheddar cheese, 1 ounce 300 6
Whole egg, 1 medium 280 6
% DV = Daily Value. DVs are reference numbers based on the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). They were developed to help consumers determine if a food contains a lot or a little of a specific nutrient. The DV for vitamin A is 5,000 IU (1,500 micrograms retinol). Most food labels do not list a food’s vitamin A content.
Vitamin A Foods from Plant Sources of Beta Carotene
Plant food sources of beta carotene are not as well absorbed as animal sources of vitamin A, especially when they are consumed whole and raw. However, they are still a valuable source.
Foods IUs %DV *
Carrot, 1 raw (7 1/2 inches long) 20,250 410
Carrots, boiled, 1/2 cup slices 19,150 380
Carrot juice, canned, 1/2 cup 12,915 260
Sweet potatoes, canned , drained solids, 1/2 cup 7,015 140
Spinach, frozen, boiled, 1/2 cup 7,395 150
Mango, raw, 1 cup sliced 6,425 130
Vegetable soup, canned, chunky, ready-to-serve, 1 cup 5,880 115
Cantaloupe, raw, 1 cup 5,160 100
Kale, frozen, boiled, 1/2 cup 4,130 80
Spinach, raw, 1 cup 2,015 40
Apricot nectar, canned, 1/2 cup 1,650 35
Oatmeal, instant, fortified, plain, prepared with water, 1 packet 1,510 30
Tomato juice, canned, 6 ounces 1,010 20
Apricots, with skin, juice pack, 2 halves 610 10
Pepper, sweet, red, raw, 1 ring, 3 inches in diameter by 1/4-inch thick 570 10
Peas, frozen, boiled, 1/2 cup 535 10
Peach, raw, 1 medium 525 10
Peaches, canned, water pack, 1/2 cup halves or slices 470 10
Papaya, raw, 1 cup cubes 400 8
*DV = Daily Value. DVs are reference numbers based on the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). They were developed to help consumers determine if a food contains a lot or a little of a specific nutrient. The DV for vitamin A is 5,000 IU (1,500 micrograms retinol).
• If you seem to have too much saliva, drink a tea of one of the following: white oak bark, goldenseal root, or bayberry.
• A chewing gum habit is not good. It overworks your salivary glands when they should be resting.
 You have to look after yourself as well.
Study: Smoke-free laws may cut heart attack hospitalizations
CNN – 14 hours ago
By Miriam Falco ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Implementing smoke-free policies can lead to a fewer hospitalizations resulting from heart attacks, according to a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Study links smoking bans, heart attack rate Greeley Tribune
Our View: Smoking ban, one year later Northwest Herald
KKTV 11 News – The Associated Press – KDRV – Norman Transcript
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Sadly very few persons still do care about taking positive steps to insure a healthy body, or dealing with depression, those who do tend to do the absolute minimum.. most people do not know what to do or do not care to do anything until it is almost too late. Few people seriously read about these topics now too..
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While clearly the medical advances against even the more serious sickness have taken gigantic leaps now these days, I sadly too often these  days have to tell many people  the truth, to the sick persons that next the patients themselves are now more too often to blame for their sudden deaths,  their illness next even  degenerating some more even mostly too, even by
a) their  reaping what they sowed, by their own neglect of basic laws reaping relating to the to human anatomy too,
b) by their own failure to insure proper, healthy eating, 
d) their own  failure to get  proper sleep,
e) and their own failure to handle, resolve unbeneficial stress adequately
Unresolved depression lends itself to to thoughts of being abandoned, not loved and leads to bad physical health, thoughts and/or acts of suicides.




Some people are depressed cause they are on the wrong path all together and thus are lost but won’t admit it.
Some people are falsely depressed cause they are lazy, unrealistic, control freaks, selfish, self centered..


Denial does not work.. it does not help to solve your sicknesses too..

Diabetic cooking.

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Snack ideas

Snacks play a very important role in the daily life of a person with diabetes, particularly those with type 1 diabetes and insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes. For these people between-meal and bedtime snacks are essential to keep blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible and to help prevent low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Wherever you go you should always carry a supply of snacks to eat in case of low blood sugar — we keep snacks in our purse or briefcase, in the glove compartment of our car, in our office desk drawer, and in the sports bag that we carry to the exercise gym.

We’ve provided 37 snack recipes in our James Beard Cookbook Award-Winning Joslin Diabetes Gourmet Cookbook (Bantam Books) which you can purchase in our bookstore or borrow from most any library. The recipes run the gamut from Bruschetta to Stuffed Bread Slices, Zesty Corn Chips, Quick Passaladière, Dilled Potato-Cheese Soup, and Soft Pretzels. We also offer creative ways to combine “free foods” for when you are especially hungry and don’t want to use your carbo exchanges.

Here’s a list of snacks that can be purchased at most supermarkets calculated to supply 12 to 15 grams of carbohydrate or 1 carbohydrate (1 bread/starch) exchange:

1 small apple
8 animal crackers
4 medium fresh apricots or 7 dried halves
1/2 of a banana rolled with 2 tablespoons Grape Nuts cereal
1 cup cubed cantaloupe
12 Bing cherries
2 chocolate mousse bars (Weight Watchers)
1/2 cup chow mein noodles
3 dried dates
2 small dried figs
2 sugar-free fudgesickles
3 gingersnaps
36 Goldfish (adds 1 fat exchange)
3 graham crackers (2 1/2-inch square)
1/2 low-fat granola bar
15 grapes
5 kumquats
3 Lorna Doones (adds 1 fat exchange)
12 loquats
5 slices melba toast
1 small nectarine
1 cup skim milk
3 thin sliced Norwegian Kavli flatbread (2 thick sliced)
1 small orange
1 small peach
3 peanut butter sandwich crackers (adds 1 fat exchange)
1 small pear
16 Mr. Phipps Tater Crisps (adds 1 fat exchange)
2 small plums
24 oyster crackers
3 cups popcorn (popped by hot air, or low-fat microwave)
3 dried pitted prunes
15 fat-free potato or tortilla chips
3/4 ounce pretzels
2 tablespoons raisins
2 rice cakes (4″ diameter)
7 Ritz crackers (adds 1 fat exchange)
6 saltine crackers
2 Stella d’Oro Sesame Breadsticks (adds 1 fat exchange)
1 tangerine
15 Teddy Grahams (adds 1 fat exchange)
5 reduced-fat Triscuits
6 Vanilla Wafers (adds 1 fat exchange)
6 Waverly Wafers (adds 1 fat exchange)
12 Original Wheat Thins (adds 1 fat exchange)
13 Reduced-fat Wheat Thins (adds 1/2 fat exchange)
1 cup nonfat fruit-flavored yogurt (sweetened with sugar substitute)
1/2 cup of either I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt or TCBY frozen yogurt or Baskin Robbins, Sugar-Free Ice Cream
Microwave cooking

 The Good Health Microwave Cookbook (Bantam Books), Carl Jerome says “by its very nature the microwave encourages its user to prepare healthful food. It cooks without the need of added fat…the microwave enhances flavors, in large part, because it cooks foods without the need for added water — which drains food of its flavor — thus minimizing the need for salt.”

We agree! The microwave cooks fresh vegetables wonderfully (and makes frozen vegetables seem almost fresh). It cooks cereals, grains, beans, and peas perfectly. Fish cooked in the microwave is marvelous, and the microwave does an excellent job with poultry and game. Fruit is better when cooked in the microwave than on top of the stove or in the oven.

“The microwave is basically a giant steamer, ” says Lori Longbotham, author of Better by Microwave (Dutton Books). That’s probably why most people don’t care for microwave baked potatoes. The potato is cooked in about 7 minutes, but it’s actually been steamed and lacks the crunchy outside skin that makes a baked potato so wonderful. So, microwave the potatoes while you’re preheating the regular oven to 450°F (230°C). Finish the potatoes in the hot oven so they can develop a crisp skin.

Have you ever tried cooking artichokes in the microwave? Four artichokes, arranged in a shallow dish and sealed airtight with a double covering of plastic wrap, cook perfectly in less than 15 minutes, in about a quarter of the top-of-the-stove cooking time and without all the fuss. Fat spears of asparagus cook in 5 minutes, retaining their emerald green color and fresh-picked flavor. Brussels sprouts do an amazing thing when you cook them in a microwave. The leaves actually separate as the sprouts cook in about 7 minutes to a delicate flavor and leafy texture. A small head of cauliflower, cored and cut into flowerets, cooks in just 6 minutes with its natural, delicate cabbage flavor and flowery aroma intensified.

No need to husk your fresh corn before cooking, just arrange the corn still in its husks like spokes of a wheel on the floor of the microwave oven with the small ends in the center. Four ears of corn will take 10 minutes on HIGH. Using an oven mitt, remove the corn from the oven and carefully pull off the husks and silks (they will separate easily from the corn). Be careful as the corn will be cooked all the way through the cob. As the Persians do, dip the cooked corn on the cob briefly in a pot of lightly salted water and offer wedges of fresh lime to squeeze on the corn just before eating. You won’t miss the butter!

Food cooks (and reheats) better in round dishes in a microwave.  

Salt attracts microwaves. Add it after the cooking, not before.

Not all china, glass, plastic, and paper dishes are microwave-safe as we specify for in all of our recipes. To determine if a particular dish is usable, we like the test suggested in Microwave Cooking Handbook by the International Microwave Power Institute of Clifton, Virginia:

“Place a glass measuring cup with 1/2 cup water in the microwave oven. Set the dish to be tested near the measuring cup, but not touching. Microwave on HIGH (100 percent) power for one minute. If the dish is cool or slightly warm to the touch, the dish is acceptable for microwave cooking. The water (in the measuring cup) should be quite warm or hot. If the dish is hot, do not use it in a microwave.”

Cooking with a Microwave   One of the main reasons that we like microwave cooking is that we can cook delicious meals with little or no fat. A 4-ounce (120 g) boneless, skinless chicken breast half cooks to juicy perfection in 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. Before cooking, rinse the chicken, blot with paper towels, sprinkle the chicken lightly with mixed Italian herbs and wrap in microwave-safe plastic wrap.

At the same time, you can cook a mix of thinly sliced onion and a few julienne strips of red and green bell peppers plus a quartered small red potato in 5 minutes. Add about 5 minutes for the pre-microwaving preparation time, and you have dinner done in 10 minutes — all on the same plate, if you like. (If cooking on one plate, start the vegetables and potato first and add the chicken after 2 1/2 minutes. Instant portion control with no tempting leftovers and only a plate, a chopping board, a sharp knife, and eating utensils to wash! Exchanges equal 4 very lean meat, 1 carbohydrate (1 bread/starch), and 1 vegetable.

Another time, you can do an instant “taco” salad dinner that makes 4 servings. First, crumble 1 pound (480 g) ground turkey in a microwave-safe colander set over a casserole dish. Microwave on HIGH for 5 minutes. Discard fat drippings and wipe out the casserole. Turn the cooked turkey into the casserole and stir in 1/2 cup (80 g) chopped onion, 1 cup (130 g) chopped zucchini, 1/2 tablespoon (7.5 ml) Mexican seasoning (if not available at your market, you can substitute 1 1/4 teaspoons (6.25 ml) chili powder and a 1/4 teaspoon (1.25 ml) ground cumin), 1/4 teaspoon (1.25 ml) garlic powder, 1/4 teaspoon (1.25) freshly ground pepper, and 1/2 cup (120 ml) purchased taco sauce. Microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes. Spread 4 cups (224 g) shredded iceberg lettuce on a platter. Spoon hot turkey-vegetable mixture over the lettuce and sprinkle with 3 tablespoons (21 g) low-fat sharp cheddar cheese. Exchanges per serving will equal 3 very lean meat and 1 vegetable. 

Microwave Tips

  1. Keep in mind, that as in any type of cooking, top quality ingredients will always produce superior results. Make sure you shop carefully, choosing the best and freshest ingredients available and that you can afford.
  2. Since there is little evaporation in microwave cooking, food cooks in very little water — only a tablespoon or two is needed for vegetables.
  3. Food continues to cook after the microwave turns off whether it’s left in the oven or removed. Let the cooked food stand for about 1/3 of the original cooking time before serving.
  4. Rotate the dish midway during the cooking time if your oven doesn’t have a turntable. Even if it does, stir the food and rearrange it, turning large food items over. This helps the food to cook evenly.
  5. Arrange food so that the thinnest part of the food (i.e. chicken breast, fish fillets) is in the center and the thickest part toward the outside. Fold under the thin edges of fish fillets and other tapered food to cook more evenly.
  6. Salt on the surface of food attracts microwaves, drying out the surface. If using, either stir it in or better yet (we’re all watching our salt, anyway), sprinkle with a salt substitute after cooking.
  7. The recipes were tested on HIGH or full power at 650 to 700 watts in a carousel microwave using microwave-safe containers. Since microwave ovens vary significantly by manufacturer and model, you’ll need to determine the power of your own oven from the manufacturer’s instruction manual. If your microwave is less or more powerful (the newer models are 800 to 900 watts), add or deduct 15 seconds per minute per 100 watts of power difference. Watch the dish carefully, and be sure to rotate the dish occasionally while cooking, if your oven does not have a carousel.
  8. Not all china, glass, plastic, and paper products are microwave-safe as we specify for in all of our recipes. Only use paper plates and towels and plastic wraps and bags that say microwave-safe. Never use a brown paper bag or newspaper in a microwave. It may catch on fire. To determine if a particular dish is usable, we like the test suggested in Microwave Cooking Handbook by the International Microwave Power Institute of Clifton, Virginia:
    “Place a glass measuring cup with 1/2 cup water in the microwave oven. Set the dish to be tested near the measuring cup, but not touching. Microwave on HIGH (100 percent) power for one minute. If the dish is cool or slightly warm to the touch, the dish is acceptable for microwave cooking. The water (in the measuring cup) should be quite warm or hot. If the dish is hot, do not use it in a microwave.”
  9. Never operate an empty microwave oven.
  10. A microwave oven must be kept clean for best efficiency. If something splatters, clean the microwave before using. Refer to your owner’s operation manual as to how to best clean your microwave.
  11. When reheating something liquid such as soup, stir before, during, and after reheating.
  12. Be careful to not overcook. Check food at the minimum time, then cook more if necessary. You can always add more cooking time, but like a food processor, once you pass the optimum time, you can’t take the time away.

now it’s time to share some quick cooking tips.

  1. If you like the firmer skin of an oven-baked potato, shorten the baking time by piercing the potato with a fork and microwaving them for 10 minutes before finishing them off in the oven.
  2. If you’re baking a whole chicken, shorten the baking time by asking your butcher to butterfly the chicken for you.
  3. Turkey will roast more quickly if it’s not stuffed. Bake the stuffing alongside in a casserole during the last hour, adding a little more low-fat, low-sodium stock or broth to keep the stuffing moist.
  4. If wanting browned onions or other root vegetables, don’t add any salt until after they are nicely browned and caramelized. Salt slows down the caramelization process.
  5. Buy legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, and split peas when you know that you’ll be needing them soon – the longer the storage time, the longer the cooking time.
  6. If you like to bake pizza at home, invest in a pizza stone and preheat it in the oven before you start the pizza baking. It takes less time to bake on a hot stone.
  7. Like to make soup? Buy frozen stocks from your supermarket or professional-quality stock made from concentrated pastes that are diabetic-friendly – very low-sodium or low-sodium — from our diabetic supply store. Heat up the stock, adding small pieces of meat, poultry, vegetables, grains, pasta, etc. Add fresh or dried herbs and you have soup in minutes instead of hours.
  8. Freeze any leftover soup in individual microwavable plastic containers. Pop into the microwave to reheat.
  9. Always bring meat or poultry to room temperature before cooking (please, don’t leave it on the counter for hours – it only takes a few minutes). It’ll bake, grill, or cook on the stove top quicker and more evenly.
  10. When making mashed potatoes or turnips, the smaller the pieces, the quicker they’ll cook.
  11. Like hash browns with your Saturday or Sunday morning egg substitute or egg white omelet? Buy frozen hash browns at the supermarket or microwave a baking potato (following your oven’s instructions) and dice. Cook the hash browns in a hot cast iron skillet that has been lightly spritzed with refrigerated butter-flavored cooking spray. You’ll have delicious fat-free hash browns in minutes.
  12. When removing fat from hot stock, soup, or sauce, pop it into the freezer if there’s time, or lay a piece of paper towel on the surface. When you remove the paper towel, much of the fat will be gone. Repeat as needed.
  13. Make use of your microwave to quick cook vegetables, reheat foods, make sauces, and poach chicken and fish. Read the guide to your microwave so you have the times and instructions for its use firmly in your mind.
  14. Beans and grains cook more quickly in a microwave and keep their distinctive characteristics and proper consistency (not all mushy). Consult your oven pamphlet for exact times for your microwave oven.
  15. To quickly toast nuts and seeds without your constant attention, place 1/4 cup of nuts or seeds in a microwave dish and add 1 teaspoon of margarine. Microwave on HIGH for about 5 minutes, stirring once after 2 minutes. While the nuts or seeds are toasting, you can be doing something else.
  16. Bake meat loafs, casseroles, soufflés, etc. in individual dishes to cut down on the baking time.
  17. If baking a low-sugar or sugar-free cake, bake the batter in muffin cups instead of a cake pan to cut down on the baking time.
  18. When sautéing mushrooms, don’t crowd the skillet. They need room so the liquid they give off will evaporate quickly so they can brown.
  19. When making a dish, double or triple the recipe, freezing the extra batches in one or two microwavable plastic containers. Your next meal(s) will be ready in minutes.
  20. Make use of the defrost feature of your microwave oven to quickly thaw chicken or meat before you start cooking.
  21. Do you own a pressure cooker – a three-pound pot roast will cook in under an hour in a pressure cooker.
  22. Bonnie makes use of her bamboo steamers to prepare an entire meal in minutes. Layer the ingredients according to their cooking time, the foods that take more time at the bottom of the stack and the ones that take the least time on the top.
  23. When steaming vegetables, a wet kitchen towel between the pot and the lid will keep the steam in the pot, reducing the cooking time.
  24. Use a large skillet when reducing liquids before making a sauce. The larger the surface area, the quicker the time it takes for the liquid to evaporate.
  25. Finally, read through the recipe and make sure you have all of the ingredients pre-prepped and assembled BEFORE you start cooking. A lot of precious time can be wasted hunting through the pantry, cupboard, or fridge for missing ingredients.


 Take the time to read all of  the pages here, it will help you or someone else. Life requires our personal positive continual adaptation to the ongoing, changing events that surround our life.

You are also what you eat

Health & Eating tips that may save your life.

Health Facts

Most people do not know how to eat properly

Most persons should reduce the amount of meat they eat

One in ten persons, 1/10 will have diabetes that will severely affect their health.. as obesity increases so will the number of persons getting diabetes

Diabetes is a very serious disease with many negative consequences and is not to be taken lightly

Cancer and Heart attacks are also caused by what we eat..

Getting a smaller plate and smaller cup, glass will help you not to eat, drink as much.

Skipping meals, not eating regularly can be dangerous for your personal health

It is rather too late to have the dietician at the hospital tell you what you can eat or should have been eating.

Here is a great free software program that you can program to ring an alrm to make sure you do not skip a meal, forget to eat regualrly.. WinAlarm requires Windows 98/2000/Me/XP/2003.

(2 Cor 1:4 KJV) Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

I made a study for years of the reasons many people get heart attacks .. it is often a family disease, meaning related family bad habits.. such as the lack of physical exercise, how one handles the stressful situations, how well you sleep included.. and the type of food eaten and how it is prepared… steamed food is advisable and often thus too.. The quality of sleep is more important than the Quantity too. Heart stress and food digestion are also related, related even to cancer, having heart attacks now as well.


Normally, your body changes sugars and starch into glucose (a simple sugar), which serves as fuel. When diabetes develops, the amount of glucose in the blood may become dangerously high because insulin (the substance that controls glucose levels) is in short supply. Diabetics either don’t produce enough insulin or their bodies don’t respond to the insulin as they should; that’s why they have to take insulin by injection or another medication by mouth to help the body secrete more of its own insulin. Millions of persons have diabetes, and some people do not even know it.. diabetes is not to be taken lightly for it has serious personal side effects. Diabetes is influenced by genes, food we eat, exercise as well.

To help you recognize the warning signs of diabetes, the American Diabetes Association uses the acronyms DIABETES and CAUTION.

D rowsiness

I tching

A family history of diabetes

B lurred vision

E xcessive weight

T ingling, numbness, or pain in extremities

E asy fatigue

S kin infection, slow healing of cuts and scratches, especially on the feet

Other signs are:

C onstant urination

A bnormal thirst

U nusual hunger

T he rapid loss of weight

I rritability

O bvious weakness and fatigue

N ausea and vomiting

The important explanation of one being diabetic is the reality that either the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or else it can’t employ the actual insulin in an appropriate way. The transformation of glucose into strength in the body is performed through insulin. The key conditions that can result in diabetes are short of activity, fatness, aging, improper diet and, most importantly, heredity. Weariness is the trait of diabetes for the reason that the body doesn’t attain required energy. Eyes is impaired, urination is repeated and need for water gets Unquenchable resulting from it. You are receptive to persistent contagion for example urinary tract diseases, colds and influenza if you are diabetic. Diabetes has further hint moreover like prickling or burning sensitiveness in the hands together with foot. Majority of the time diabetes goes overlooked for these traits look simple. At the time you observe any of the above declared indications get your glucose amount measured. The everlastingness of this health problem demands you perform this way. To correct diabetes you as well have to make use of perfect diet table and lifestyle changes to make your glucose levels under regulation.

Diabetes is a “silent killer” and in the early stages of the disease, patients often have no symptoms. Four of five people with diabetes will die of heart attack or stroke.

If you have diabetes, you can be almost 15 years closer to a heart attack or stroke than a person who does not have the disease.

Medical professionals are seeing these very serious health problems crop up earlier and earlier in people’s lives.

Preventing diabetes is not nearly as financially lucrative for hospitals as treating its symptoms,

Since the discovery of insulin in 1921, managing diabetes has become more effective than ever. Today, with care, most diabetics can lead productive lives.

if you take the proper steps now to avoid getting this serious disease

Did you know that processed white bread has sugar in it.. whole wheat bread is thus better for you.

Most people also do not even know how to eat proper foods, even professionals included.. thus next a lot of people do have related health problems..

Prov 16:25 KJV) There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

(2 Cor 1:4 KJV) Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

I made a study for years of the reasons many people get heart attacks .. it is often a family disease, meaning related family bad habits.. such as the lack of physical exercise, how one handles the stressful situations, how well you sleep included.. and the type of food eaten and how it is prepared… steamed food is advisable and often thus too.. The quality of sleep is more important than the Quantity too. Heart stress and food digestion are also related, related even to cancer, having heart attacks now as well. Jesus will do his part, heal us after we do our part first.

Sleep assessment should be part of medical care: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:08:13 EDT CBC News People should have their sleep assessed as a standard part of their medical care, doctors propose. Monday’s issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine is devoted to studies of sleep and health, such as the causes and repercussions of sleep disorders. ” Yes sleep disorder can cause heart sickness

(Eph 4:26 KJV) Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

(Eph 4:27 KJV) Neither give place to the devil. 28 Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

Scientist find link between body fat and cancer risk .. and I have told you that already, that it even causes heart attacks. “Researchers say there is “convincing” evidence that excess body fat can cause six different types of common cancers, including those affecting the breast, bowel and pancreas. The study also concluded that processed meat, including ham and bacon, was such a risk factor for bowel cancer that people should avoid it completely.Simply adding fruit and vegetables to a diet, meanwhile, does not appear to offer the degree of protection from cancer as was previously thought, the study found. The new report says there is powerful evidence that excess body fat is also a trigger for oesophagus, pancreatic, bowel, post-menopausal breast, and kidney cancers. A specific strong link is said to exist between fat around the abdomen and bowel cancer. There is also a probable connection between body fat and gall bladder cancer, and abdominal fat and pancreatic, post-menopausal breast, and endometrial cancer, the evidence suggests.Professor Sir Michael Marmot, professor of Public Health at University College London, chaired the expert panel. He said: “We are recommending that people aim to be as lean as possible within the healthy range, and that they avoid weight gain throughout adulthood.” The study found strong evidence that red meat and processed meats were a cause of bowel cancer. The panel recommended that people consume less than 500 grams, or 18 ounces, of cooked red meat per week, and avoid processed meat altogether if possible.Processed meat was defined as meat preserved by smoking, curing, salting or the addition of preservatives. Examples included ham, bacon, pastrami, salami, and frankfurters. The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) report is based on an in-depth analysis of 7,000 cancer studies from around the world dating back to the 1960s.”
Risks of heart attack the number one killer of persons can also be directly related to bacteria in gum plaque and not merely to one’s smoking or drinking alcohol habits for a start.. This Bacteria that live in the sub-gingival plaques can increase the risk of heart attack for all people.

A recent Medical study describes the association between heart disease and gum disease to be at least as strong as the linkage of heart disease to cholesterol, body weight, or smoking. In fact, research suggests that gum disease may be a more serious risk factor for heart disease than hypertension, smoking, cholesterol, gender and age. So Good dental hygiene could save your life save you from a heart attack . Science has recently found a direct connection between gum disease and inflammation of the arteries, blood clots, hemorrhages, strokes and heart attacks. Add to this that over half of all American men have some form of gum disease and you have the ingredients for an epidemic. Despite this connection, conventional medicine has completely ignored oral health in their heart recommendations. Reference: American Academy of Periodontology, News release, June 2005

There have been many other similar collaborating medical studies too.. and why the poor people suffer the most.. it is they cannot afford regular dental cleaning and the costs of dentists.

“Heart attacks linked to nine risk factors: study – Washington, August 31 A large international study led by a Canadian has linked more than 90 per cent of heart attacks to nine easy-to-measure risk factors common to essentially every region and every ethnic group in the world, a media report has said. The study conducted under Salim Yusuf, Director of the Population Health Research Instiute at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) found that leading risk factors for heart attack were abnormal cholesterol, current smoking, abdominal obesity, depression and stress, high blood pressure and diabetes. According to the study preventive factors were eating fruits and vegetables daily, regular exercise and moderate alcohol consumption. “The risk factors are the same all over the planet,” said Jean-Pierre Bassand, President of the European Society of Cardiology. “Political action is desperately needed” in all countries to devise plans geared towards prevention, he said. The findings, said The Wall Street Journal, add to the evidence of the rising global burden of cardiovascular disease, particularly in developing countries, where it is supplanting infectious diseases as the most important cause of death. -Depression and stress, which were determined from several different questionnaires used in the study of 15,152 patients from 52 countries, accounted for a 2.5-fold risk in a person’s risk of a heart attack. – Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables was associated with a 30 per cent reduction of an individual’s risk of a heart attack while regular exercise lowered risk by 14 per cent.”

Now we already all should know that unresolved stress, smoking, alcohol, bad drugs, inadequate physical exercises, over weight, and poor eating habits do cause heart attacks that kill people.. the doctors are right eating not enough vegetables and too much red meat can cause a heart attack, death …
It is also now very undeniable we are all also a by product as well as what we eat.. and even a Potassium deficiency.. causes of which are many.. including a medicinal side effect, and the consumption of salt, soft drinks.. If Mother Nature was to deprive you of potassium completely, hard scientific evidence proves you would be dead in less than three weeks. Some Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency: Bad circulation, bluish tint to skin, Chronic-Fatigue Syndrome, diabetes, earaches, edema, headaches, heart palpitations, hypertension, insomnia, intestinal pain, muscle weakness, oppressive breathing, pain in the eyes, prolapsed uterus, swollen glands, tissue anemia, and water retention.

Even in Canada, I am amazed how many people wrongfully think they can still eat what ever they want and they will stay well and healthy as a result.. unfortunately that is not so.. many Canadians are sick eventually even because they do not know how to eat properly firstly, and secondly many poor Canadians cannot afford undeniably to eat well.

Let me also tell you that eating dehydrated foods, causes high blood pressure, but it also causes cancer.. The dehydrated foods means food that has been fried in oil and the water content removed.. that is why coke, coffee, tea can be bad for you.. they cause dehydration.. removal of water.. and that is why you should drink water with your meals and have plenty of vegetables to help digest the food and reduce heart problems.. heart stress and food digestion are related. I made a study for years of the reasons many people get heart attacks .. it is often a family diseases, meaning related family bad habits.. such as the lack of physical exercise, how one handles the stressful situations, how well you sleep included.. and the type of food eaten and how it is prepared… steamed food is advisable and often thus too..

Benefit and uses of Potato.

-Potatoes are good sources of carbohydrate (22.6 gms / 100 gm ) and only 1.6gms of protein for 100 gms.
-Potaoes is a useful source of vitamin C, It is good for high blood pressure patient and Potatoes are good for hyper acidity patient.
-Treat facial blemishes by washing you face daily with cool potato juice.
-Treat frostbite or sunburn by applying raw grated potato or potato juice to the affected area.
-Ease aches and pains by rubbing the affected area with the water potatoes have been boiled in.
-Sweet potato focus on two areas of unique health benefit. First are some unique root storage proteins in this food that have been observed to have significant antioxidant capacities.

Whether it is acid reflux, heartburn, cancer, heart attacks we are all mostly a product of what and how we eat it. But next we are also all affected by our natural body’s degeneration, resulting ailments.

It has been firstly very painfully made aware to me that in our instant fast food society most people really do not know much about the value of certain healthy foods, nor even how to properly prepare meals.. such as why it is advisable to drink plenty of water daily and to have a dessert as well.. water helps the digestive process and the natural sugar in the dessert helps to reduce the acid levels in the storage. Peppermint – is another powerful herb for stomach conditions or heartburn. It helps in digestion, stomach distension, cramps, ulcers, and gas. Healthy eating is generally a lost art these days.

As you get older, your stomach weakens in its ability to produce hydrochloric acid to digest protein. It is undigested protein that leads to acid reflux or heartburn. Eating those foods that are alkaline is the best way to avoid acid reflux and heartburn. No need to use antacids, which have unwanted side effects and contain aluminum, which has been associated with senility and Alzheimer’s disease.

If you have acid reflux or heartburn, using natural remedies to rebalance your stomach is maybe what nature intended.

And when you become older you can tend to become more of an expert on sicknesses you thought you would never have too such as —
– Allergies, milk, lactose intolerance.. the latter two this is likely related to a weaken heart
– Kidney stones, likely caused by too much fish with pop.. coke, for soft drinks, pop cause dehydration, makes it heart to digest foods, and it can help to produce cement stones literally.. stones can generally be dissolved by drinking water
– Heart problems- caused by lack of vegetables, too much red meat, salt, too much unresolved stress, not enough exercise for a start..
-Heartburn or gastric reflex.. associated both with eating and sleeping habits… a head raised too high during sleeping, generally do not use more than one pillow under the head .. and caused by acid imbalances, generally resolved by eating immediately green lettuce leaves or cole slaws..
– Potassium deficiency- loss of potassium by passing too much fluids.. can be associated with dielectric medicine consumption.. drink more orange Juice, natural juices , eat more fresh vegetables..
– Thyroid Gland secretion problems can really mess you up and solved by continual medication
– Headaches, migraines.. some may be caused by food poisoning, solved by drinking milk, medications.
-Calcium deficiency avoid soft drinks
I really do not believe that God said we would never be sick, or that is his will for us never to be sick, or to never take medication, or never to go to doctors.. rather God has instead said he will help us to overcome the sickness. I have said it is not always a sin to be sick, but if anyone stays sick without asking for Jesus’ help to heal them and also to deliver them from all evil I too would like to know why?

Our personal habits have a serious effect on our health too.. I have heard people say they will worry about the consequences when they come to them, and by then it is often too late to reverse the now fully developed medical problems, the cancer, diabetes and heart problems included. Most people still do not eat good healthy food too. I had a friend who died of a heart attack at the age of 21 while he was in university studying, working hard.

“people guidelines issued for high blood pressure. `High normal’ readings often turn into full-blown hypertension Canadian Press The Heart and Stroke Foundation issued updated guidelines based on new medical evidence for preventing and controlling high blood pressure, one of the leading causes of death among Canadians. Known as the “silent killer,” high blood pressure (or hypertension) presents no obvious symptoms to warn people they could be in trouble, until it’s too late. Uncontrolled, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and dementia – and it is far more common than many people believe. Almost a quarter of Canadian adults, or about 5 million, have hypertension – defined as having a blood pressure reading that exceeds 140/90. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 or less. The first number is systolic pressure (when the heart contracts) and the second is diastolic (when the heart relaxes). The new recommendations are aimed in particular at an estimated 2.5 million Canadians whose blood pressure falls into the “high-normal” range – 130 to 139 systolic/85 to 89 diastolic. “As the blood pressure increases and gets into the high part of the range, we call that high-normal blood pressure,” said Dr. Sheldon Tobe, a spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. “And the new information we have is that … about half of people with high-normal blood pressure will develop full-blown hypertension in four years,” said Tobe, a kidney specialist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, citing findings of a recent U.S. study. That means an estimated 1 million more Canadian adults will be living with high blood pressure and all the threats it poses to their health – unless it is diagnosed and treated either with lifestyle changes and/or medications, he said.

The new recommendations also strengthen warnings about sodium intake, advising Canadians to stop overloading meals with table salt and ingesting other “hidden” forms of sodium, which can elevate pressure by increasing blood volume. Daily intake should not exceed 2,300 milligrams, said Tobe, noting that many prepared foods are “loaded with salt.”

Even healthy foods can contain lots of salt, he said, noting that a 347-millilitre serving of V-8 juice contains 900 milligrams of sodium. The Heart and Stroke Foundation advises reading labels on prepared foods because many contain high levels of sodium. Ketchup, mustard, pickles, peanut butter and canned, bottled or packaged convenience foods are big salt offenders, as are many snack foods: think potato chips, popcorn and crackers.

The 2007 guidelines also maintain the well-known but not-always-followed mantra to get regular exercise, eat a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables, achieve or maintain a healthy weight, drink alcohol in moderation, don’t smoke, reduce stress and have blood pressure checked at least once a year.

Getting the word out about the updated recommendations should make the public more aware of the need for regular blood pressure testing and for taking steps to control it, said Tobe, and it’s also critical for updating doctors on the best ways to do that. “Hypertension is the Number 1 reason for visits to primary care, so it’s very important for family docs” in managing their patients with high blood pressure, he said. And those who think hypertension is a disease only of older people should think again. “One in 10 young men aged 18 to 35 has high blood pressure,” Tobe said, quoting figures from the most recent Canadian Heart Health Survey. “Many of these young men go undiagnosed because they’re (otherwise) healthy and they often don’t see their family doctors.” “And if they do, it’s not to have their blood pressure checked.” These young men are at the highest risk for serious health conditions, he said, because “they go the longest with undiagnosed and untreated high blood pressure.” For females, hypertension tends to be a disease related to aging.

After age 65, more women than men have high blood pressure, likely as a result of losing the protective effects of estrogen and other sex hormones after menopause. “So if we can screen for hypertension in women as they’re getting older, postmenopausal, that’s where we can identify women who have high-normal blood pressure and help to get them enamoured with lifestyle interventions, and perhaps we could help prevent them from developing hypertension altogether,” Tobe said. “If they start early, perhaps they will not need medication at all or could delay the need for it by years or decades.” ”

Misleading news… because Heart surgery may still often be required for people with serious heart problems…

“Angioplasty no more effective than combo of heart drugs and exercise: study Provided by: Canadian Press Mar. 26, 2007 TORONTO (CP) – People with minor heart disease problems who are treated with a regime combining heart drugs and lifestyle changes did just as well as patients who had a common medical procedure known as angioplasty to unblock clogged arteries, a major new international study has found.
(I too have said that angioplasty is not a serious medical problem, for a definite, rigid personal change in Good eating habits, more physical exercise, and stress reduction can help one to become healthy again.. But Angioplasty is generally used mostly with one blocked heart artery, but many people can and do have 2, 3, 4 or 5/6 blocked heart arteries and angioplasty is not an effective approach for them, rather they still do, will need a major surgery, heart bypass surgery..)
The surprising results, revealed at the American Cardiology Conference in New Orleans on Monday, are likely to fuel an ongoing debate between cardiologists who stress long-term approaches to treat the underlying heart disease and cardiologists who favour inserting small metal tubes called stents into arteries to fix blockages. But over time, it will likely relegate angioplasty to the ranks of a procedure cardiologists resort to only if drugs and counselling to encourage lifestyle changes – weight loss, increased exercise, smoking cessation – don’t achieve the desired effect, some experts said.

“This is an important study that will change the way we practise cardiology,” said Dr. Beth Abramson, a Toronto cardiologist and spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. (Abramson was not involved in the study.) “This is a study that confirms that when you treat people well . . . they don’t necessarily need a fancy intervention with newer technologies.” Patients will be better off for not undergoing procedures they don’t need, said the lead Canadian researcher in the trial, which was conducted in 50 centres in the United States and Canada. “All of us try to do the best we can for our patients, without putting them at risk,” said Dr. Koon Teo, a cardiologist at Hamilton Health Sciences Centre who also teaches at McMaster University. “Angioplasty is relatively safe but still there is a risk from it. And if patients don’t have to go for angioplasty, that is good for them.”

In 2003-04, the most recent year for which there are statistics, there were 167 angioplasties performed for every 100,000 Canadians over the age of 20, according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information. The study was led by Dr. William Boden at Buffalo General Hospital in New York state, with funding from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and a variety of pharmaceutical companies. The findings will be published in the New England Journal of Medicine next month.

Boden and colleagues started the study about 10 years ago, when a range of new and effective heart medications – including cholesterol-lowering statin drugs – were coming into the cardiovascular care picture. They knew these drugs worked and wondered whether layering procedures like angioplasty – which involves threading a balloon into an artery to the site of a blockage and then inflating it – and stent insertions would result in even further improvements for their patients, Teo explained. Their hypothesis was that the combined approach would be better. “But results of the . . . trial demonstrate that two treatments are not always better than one,” Boden said in a statement. A total of 2,287 patients with existing heart disease were randomly assigned to either have angioplasty or to receive what is called optimal medical therapy. That involved prescribing for them a range of important drugs to control blood pressure, lower cholesterol and prevent clotting, as well as urging them to exercise, eat a healthy diet and quit smoking. (All the patients in the angioplasty group also received the range of heart medications.)
After following the patients for an average of 4.6 years, the researchers found that there was no real difference between the two groups in terms of the rates of deaths caused by heart disease, heart attacks or strokes. Both groups experienced a major reduction in the amount of angina – chest pain – they suffered, though the improvement was initially greater in the patients who had undergone angioplasty. By five years, however, angina rates were almost identical between the two groups. Teo said the findings should help cardiologists feel confident a longer-term approach can be just as useful for stable heart patients as a quick fix. (The findings do not apply to patients suffering a heart attack.) “There’s always this concern that if we don’t do something, something bad may happen,” he said. And Abramson said it should help get the same message across to patients who need to understand that heart disease can’t be made to disappear with the help of a single procedure. “Patients who are readers, who are often consumers, come into their physicians asking for that quick fix and asking for what they think may be the best, newest therapy,” said Abramson, who practises at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. “That newer intervention is not necessarily going to keep them alive any longer. And that’s what this study shows – that long-term medical interventions, compliance with medications and making lifestyle changes are important.” Teo insisted there will still be a role for angioplasty and stent insertions, but as a fall-back, not a first-line, treatment option. ”
Also “Young children prone to ear infections and allergies appear at a higher risk of developing reading troubles in their elementary school years, according to groundbreaking research. Left unchecked, that can lead to learning disabilities, which typically result in disadvantages throughout life, from poorer overall physical and mental health, an increased likelihood of living with parents longer as adults, and lower incomes than other Canadians. In the first ever snapshot of the impact of living with a learning disability in Canada, the study found that problems early in childhood compound as a person ages, affecting school, work, relationships and leading to depression and chronic illness. About 40 per cent of children who were identified with learning disabilities at age 7 were prone to ear infections and allergies at age 3, underscoring the need for early learning disability screening. Up to 85 per cent of learning disabled people also have a reading disability.”

What they have not already rightfully fired the poor federal and provincial health Ministers? Thousands of people now have needless died already, and the governments they wrongfully really don’t even care about it too, and the results show it to all, the hospitals themselves are poorly managed, supervised.. and it does not even to take a professional to diagnose the problems, mainly the inadequate internal hospital procedures, that allow the contamination, fetal matter- shit and urine, the contamination to spread within the hospital. I rarely do see people wash their hands, staff included within the Hospitals..or the floors also cleaned as well.

Quebec hospital bans visits over C. difficile, Canada – 35 minutes ago … Que., earlier this fall and a hospital in Drummondville reported three deaths last week. … out in 2003, when there were more than 7,000 cases reported in Quebec.
Health News Canada East, Canada – 12 hours ago … washing security guards are in place at all entrances of a Quebec hospital trying … Organization case count hovering near 260 human cases and 153 deaths from 10 …
Quebec hospital bans visits, puts security in place to combat C. …
Quebec hospital fights new C. difficile outbreak
Quebec hospital bans all visitors >
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Many Canadians and Native People are needlessly dying diabetes Too while the Conservative Federal government with a big surplus says it does not have enough money to help them .. for today about one million Canadians do not even know they have diabetes because most doctors have failed to do the needed adequate medical screening.. this is still all unacceptable and really despicable that Health Ministers respect lives so little and let us Canadians die needless meanwhile. Fire them now rightfully and ASAP.

“Conservative Federal government know also that “The rate of diabetes among First Nations people is three to five times that of the general Canadian population. While “Aboriginal Canadians with diabetes may benefit from a pilot project to establish timely diabetes care, Health Minister Tony Clement announced Tuesday.The projects will provide wait time guarantees that: Adults who test positive for diabetes will have an appointment within two months for an assessment and diabetes education with a primary health-care provider on reserve. Adults who are pre-diabetic will have a chance to participate in a diabetes prevention, education and support program within three months. Adults who have a normal test result will be retested within a year. Clement announced that Health Canada is developing a pilot project for up to 10 First Nations communities that will last about two years.” The Conservative Federal government has not chosen all of the native the communities participate in the pilot projects. Clement acknowledged that the distance between some reserves and medical centers is a challenge, and it is difficult to get and keep health professionals on reserves. While the government is investing $40 million in diabetes prevention programs for aboriginals, the pilot project but it is not yet ready for national rollout, Clement said. A similar medical program is really need still even for all Canadians… ” , Clement had announced a similar pilot project to introduce wait time guarantees for prenatal care on up to 10 First Nations reserves. Earlier this week, Manitoba Premier Gary Doer said the federal Conservative government has stalled on improving the health of aboriginal people, such as ensuring safe drinking water.”

Do note that Children from a feuding home, plagued by wife beatings, also do poorly in school..

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Let’s first be fair to ourselves and others and note that no one thing specifically causes all the cancers, diabetic sick persons, heart problems in the world, rather it is a combination of several different factors starting with our personal ignorance, and the false neglect of our Bodies.


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Take the time to read all of  the pages here, it will help you or someone else. Life requires our personal positive continual adaptation to the ongoing, changing events that surround our life.