Affordable electric bikes,


Affordable electric bikes, new or used ones.. look for in the classified adds.. or on the net.
Electric bikes are fast becoming a popular solution to this issue with more people buying them or purchasing conversion kits each year.  This is especially true for people who do not have long commutes to work or need transportation to go to and from school or the store on occasion.  Electric bikes are easy and fun to operate and can also be used as a typical pedal bike if desired.  There are many advantages to using an electric bike from financial reasons to health reasons.Comparatively speaking, electric bikes are a much cheaper solution to cars or motorcycles.  The cost of purchasing them will be within most people’s budgets and can be easily affordable.  In addition, maintenance costs are minimal.  Because there is no license, registration or insurance required on these types of vehicles, this saves on financial expenditures as well.  However, the most lucrative financial benefit of electric bikes is the cost savings on gas.  With gas prices at an all time high, this option can save literally hundreds of dollars each month for the average commuter.
Many persons are not aware that electric bikes have become a practical alternative, allowing you to exercise or to have assistance in biking. Bikes can reach speed of about 20 mph, 30 kph, and travel about one hour before requiring a 3 hour recharge

Who benefits from Electrically Assisted Pedal Bikes?

Commuters – Who like to cycle, yet arrive fresh at work by using assisted power, and burn off energy cycling on the home run.

Leisure Users – Who aim to cover greater distances and explore the countryside with ease.

About Town Travel – With cycle lanes and cycle paths, users have more travel route options,
and for some journeys, travel could be quicker than by car.

Health & Fitness – An electric bike offers a healthy alternative to a car journey, and improves the pace and distance of a cycle.

Local Shoppers – Leave the car at home, save effort fighting for a parking space.

Tackling Hills – For a steep climb, power assistance can keeps the rider on the bicycle.

Knee Joint Sufferers – Where pedaling is not easy an electric bike takes the strain.

Keen Environmentalists – Electric bikes keep urban pollution to a minimum.

Older People – Who love cycling and value the extra energy that electric cycles give.

Economy Users – No License, No insurance, No MOT and No worries over petrol prices.

No Driving License – Due to age, ill-health, or a ban, an electric bike will get you back on
the road.

Health Benefits from Riding Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles offer people who may not be in top physical shape the option of getting outside and riding a bike, without fear of having to go up a long hill or getting too tired on a hot day. Electric bikes allow riders to pedal and/or use power, combining the two for healthy exercise without fear of overdoing it.

Older riders can use electric bikes with ease. The design makes it easy to get on and simple controls make maneuvering a snap. Even if hills make it hard to ride a bike normally, the power of the electric bike will take its rider up and over in no time.

Imagine the enjoyment of riding a bike again without worrying about getting overtired half way home. Plan exercise by pedaling where it makes sense, and let the bike do the work the rest of the time.*

Today’s retirement communities are often spread out on acres of land, or close to parks and biking routes. Electric bikes can go on the same paths that manual bikes do. Feel the freedom of getting around easily and quickly, without the hassles of parking or busy traffic.

Get out and enjoy life! Be active outside, and enjoy nature!

Take the time to read all of  the pages here, it will help you or someone else. Life requires our personal positive continual adaptation to the ongoing, changing events that surround our life.
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4 responses

  1. Electric bikes have been popular for years in other parts of the world – especially in Europe and China. It wasn’t until recently, with skyrocketing energy prices (last Summer) and increasing environmental concerns, that they became a vialble option for many Americans. With improved technology, extended range and longer battery life they’re more attractive than ever before. Not only that – but they’re very affordable! An entry level electric bike can be purchased for $499 or lower.

    Here’s a great resource for electric bikes & scooters.

  2. Thanks for the comment, link..

    I love to use mine often, many people often stop me and comment on it too, although I had one minor accident, on a cold day while I was turning a corner I had an black ice patch and the bike slid under me, so I put it away for the winter.

    Actually I own 2 of them, I use one and charge the other battery, and the costs of possibly repairing a bike for me justified having one identical bike for the spare parts too..

    I also took a hockey face mask and added it very simply to a bike helmet, and it works great, looks great too. very practical

    I have 2 baskets, one in the front and one in the back.. took the baskets from an old freezer.. costs me nothing.. I love using them.

    I actually put 50 kg of onion on the back rack easily and brought it from for the fruit market. Did the same thing with the potatoes.
    I stocked up for the winter. I have a cool storage for it all too.

    It is so convenient to be able to pop up the stores anytime I want and so cheaply too…

    Actually the bike is easy, light, to bring indoors storage too.. you take out the battery first, and next bring in the bike..

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