Some people consider spices as a luxury, or merely adding flavor to the taste buds, but did you know that certain foods and spices will help to control your body odors as well?
“Q: How to reduce the unpleasant odour of sweat, drink more water? Or what?  

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Intro: Ever since I was a teenager, it seems that when I don’t use anti-perspirant, under my arms, it smells, and its an un pleasant smell! I know that sweat is normal, but the smell comes from a combination of bacteria and the compounds in the sweat, secreted depending on what one eats. Is there a way I can improve the smell of my sweat, as when I don’t have deodorant near me, or I forget to use it, its quite embarrassing as its not a nice smell at all! 🙂 Can you suggest what I should do?  More water to drink? or something else? Thanks
“General tips on reducing body odor, naturally.
Always, use cotton or natural fibers for your clothes during the hot months. Keep the clothes loose and the fabric light to help the sweat to evaporate faster.

Knitted or handloom fabrics are better than machine made fabrics, as they are slightly loose in their weaving and this lets more air to circulate around your body aiding the drying of sweat.
Shoes and socks also trap sweat causing the bad odor to emanate from your feet. Wear cotton socks, and wear strappy, open shoes to keep your feet dry. If you can’t avoid wearing shoes, dust your feet with pure sandalwood powder, which keeps your feet cool and infection free.
Dusting cornstarch on the feet before getting into socks and shoes helps to keep them dry (moisture encourages bacteria to grow and flourish), or one can try soaking them daily in warm water with white vinegar or Epsom salts added.
Positive  meditation keeps your mind and body under control, thus controlling the hormonal secretions in your body. The more relaxed you are, the less you have to get stressed about body odor.
Drink plenty of fluids. This will Keep the body cool inside and slow the metabolic rate, there by slowing down the rate of perspiration.
Go light on hot spices, onion and garlic, as these aggravate the body odor.
Drink curd and coconut water to keep your system cool. Fruits like lemon, oranges and watermelon can be used for the same purpose.

Shower with an antiseptic soap after strenuous activities. This gets rid of the harmful bacteria. Last rinse can, with a few drops of sandalwood or lavender oil added to it, keep your body smelling fresh for a longer time than most deodorants.
Sweat glands are generally found under the hair follicles. These hairs trap the sweat and become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing bad odor. So, hair in the pubic area and armpits should be removed or trimmed to ensure personal hygiene. Scalp hair should kept clean with regular shampoos to avoid bad odor and infections of the scalp.
The armpits and the pubic area are the main area of concern when it comes to body odor. The reason being that these areas is generally covered, and the sweat does not dry soon enough causing the bacteria to decompose it. So wear loose, Cotton undergarments and avoid wearing tight clothes in warm weather.”
“In addition to deodorant, wash daily with antibacterial soaps, such as chlorhexidine.
Use solutions such as povidone-iodine that can also help in reducing body odor.
Application of topical antibiotic cream or ointment on the underarms might also help.
Prescription drugs that supposedly reduce sweating, such as those that contain aluminum chloride, whether applied to the skin or taken by mouth, may help some people. But, this has to be done under medical supervision.”
 WEIL Andrew Weil, M.D. -Reducing Odor-causing Bacteria

“- An easy solution to reducing bacteria is to splash on rubbing alcohol. 
– Stimulant drugs, including coffee and tea, contribute to body odor by increasing the activity of apocrine sweat glands, special glands in hairy parts of the body that produce strong-smelling, musky secretions. Try eliminating caffeine if body odor continues to be a problem.”
Body odor can be eliminated through a change in diet
“Foods that make you stink
Let’s take a closer look at the causes of body odor. What foods really cause body odor in the first place?
Red meat is the number one cause of body odor. Red meat causes stagnation in the body; it putrefies in the digestive tract and releases all sorts of toxins into the bloodstream through the large intestine. I’ve noticed that people who consume a large quantity of red meat on a regular basis tend to have much stronger body odor than those who avoid it. Some people tell me just the opposite — they say it’s vegetarians who stink because they run around wearing no deodorant whatsoever. But my experience is that if a vegetarian stinks, they aren’t following a healthy diet even though they are avoiding meat. (You can be vegetarian and extremely unhealthy if you consume a lot of processed foods.) Overall, though, if you find a healthful vegetarian and put them side by side with a heavy meat eater in a sniff test, I’m confident your nose will lead you to the conclusion that the meat eater is the most offensive of the two. It’s weird science, yes, but we are talking about a strange subject to begin with.
As far as other foods that cause body odor, manufactured foods — those lacking fiber and made with refined white flour, added sugars, hydrogenated oils and other processed ingredients — are the big culprits. When you eliminate these from your diet and shift to a 100% healthful diet made of whole grains, massive quantities of leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, soy products, supergreens, lots of sprouts, raw nuts and seeds, healthy oils and other similar healthful ingredients, your body odor will all but disappear in a matter of weeks.
Experts have plenty of suggestions for fighting smelly feet and armpits   That’s because a plant-based diet is an internal deodorizer. It’s true: the chlorophyll and other phytonutrients will cleanse you from the inside out. Some of the best foods for that include parsley, cilantro, celery and all mint species. The aromatic herbs are also excellent:
sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and so on.”
An excellent article can be found at the following site:  Experts have plenty of suggestions for fighting smelly feet and armpits

“Could it be that there are actually herbal deodorants?  It seems so for cattle, and, fortunately, there are herbal deodorants for humans too.  Some of these natural deodorants are eaten to improve one’s personal scent, and some of them are used externally to mask the natural body odors; some used externally seem to combine with one’s odor to complement rather than mask it – usually by not allowing the formation of offensive bacteria.  Of course, the easiest deodorizing agent is the daily bath or shower, especially with herbs that sweeten the body scent and improve the texture of the skin.”
“Experiment with what you eat and maybe you too will find that some foods make you smell better than other foods, just as the scientists discovered with the Sagebrush.
As a matter of fact, Sage (a different genus than Sagebrush) has an historical use as a deodorizing tea.  And the Mints, especially Peppermint, are especially useful when you are flatulent (use 2 drops in an ounce of water and drink every hour or so).
1. Witch Hazel leaf or bark decoction or Witch Hazel extract as an underarm splash to remove odor.
2. White Willow bark.  An infusion of White Willow bark mixed with borax acts as a deodorant wash for offensive-smelling perspiration.
Mix a few drops of oil of Patchouli with the infusion…Herbs & Things, 1972.
3. Orange peel mixed with Lemon peel and powdered is a nice underarm deodorizer.
4. Thyme decoction as an after bath splash.
5. Wearing cotton garments is helpful as well as a diet as natural as possible.
6. Chaparral (creosote) decoction externally applied is a natural deodorizer.
7. *Rose Astringent Lotion is an excellent underarm deodorant that I use daily.”

5. If you have no time for a shower but need to be at your freshest, fill your sink with water and add 4 tablespoons baking soda. Then dip a sponge or washcloth in the sink and rub yourself down, recommends Susie Galvez, owner of Face Works Day Spa in Richmond, Virginia, and author of Hello Beautiful: 365 Ways to Be Even More Beautiful.
6. Ward off smelly feet with odor-absorbing insoles. Foot odor is a very common problem. Keep your feet smelling fresh by scrubbing them daily and drying them completely when you get out of the shower. Then insert odor-absorbing insoles, such as Odor-Eaters, into your shoes.
Reduce Odor
8. Wear loose-fitting clothes to allow air to circulate around your body and perspiration to evaporate. Tight-fitting clothes cause sweat to be trapped in a film on your skin, which can result in body odor or noticeable embarrassing perspiration stains.
9. Buy clothes made from natural fibers like cotton. They allow skin to breathe, reducing body odor, says David Bank, M.D., dermatologist and director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, New York. Avoid synthetic, man-made fibers,  such as nylon or spandex, which tend to limit ventilation.
10. Apply antiperspirant when your underarms are a little moist and wet, like right after a warm shower or bath. It enables active ingredients to enter the sweat glands more readily.
11. Avoid sitting in direct sunlight. It heats your body and causes perspiration, especially in warmer weather.
12. Apply a cornstarch-based body powder in the morning to help skin stay drier throughout the day and reduce odor.
13. . The education you get in stress management will help you better control perspiration and body odor. After heat, stress is probably the top cause of sweating.
14. Wipe a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide onto your underarms during the day to cut down on odor-causing bacteria. Or try witch hazel or tea tree oil, both of which help keep you dry, kill bacteria, and deodorize.
15. Fix some greens for dinner each night. Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, chard, parsley, and kale are rich in chlorophyll, which has a powerful deodorizing effect on your body.
For men:
31. When the weather gets warmer, trim your armpit hair. There will be less hair to trap bacteria and hence, less odor.

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There are other medical conditions such as diabetes, gland problems that can be the cause of the sweat too…

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