I am Tired of..

I am tired of hearing from people ostriches the false lies, false denials they are not sick, and the cure does not apply to them or there is no cure for their illness  or the doctor said they are healthy.


So why is so many people are falsely in denial when both death and sicknesses are undeniable in life?

Is it cause if they deny the sickness it will  go away on it’s own? Or is  it cause they are too lazy to do something good about it? falsely looking for an easy, simple cure? Or  is it if they admit they need help it may be a serious problem?

Try different medications, supposed cures,  experimenting is useless generally unless you first admit  the true cause of the sickness in reality.

Secondly most doctors do not still know it all, and will not tell the truth that is true as well. Nurses included now.

Always get more than one real medical opinion, and plenty of different relevant  blood tests too. What there may be over 1500 different blood tests so which one should I take?

Here is a tip Heart attacks, diabetes, alcohol, and allergy to milk  are too often related.

And admit it even if there are exceptions or not most people who drink alcohol  live a shorter life than those who do not..

Some medical problems are hereditary, while others are related to your life style, food you eat, the amount of sleep you get, lack of exercise, environment as well

Skipping meals is a leading cause of diabetes, which next can lead to Blindness too if untreated.

A Minimum of 2 minutes of exercise   every two days is an essential must for all persons still.

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